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The Lightning Rod Man works in all 48 of the continental United States.

lightning rod installation van Man, in modernizing his home, makes it a veritable powder keg of potential danger during a Lightning Storm. Pipes, wires, and all metal fixtures are perfect conductors for this violent force of nature; and the more they are used the greater risks we run with unprotected property.

Donohue's Lightning Protection provides free estimates and inspections, complete installations and repairs on houses, barns, trees, churches. Lightning causes terrible disaster, please do not let it happen to you.

The Modern Suburban and Small Town Home has become an Ideal Lightning Target, and the Home Owner would do well to recognize Lightning for the Destructive Force that it is and protect against this major Life and Fire Hazard.

The Lightning Rod Man travels just about anywhere in the United States doing experienced, affordably priced installations. Based in Missouri, near the factory where most of the residential and commercial lightning rod supplies are manufactured, Jim travels regularly to Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New York. Call today to find out when Jim will be in your area. For installations outside Missouri, Kansas, or Texas, Jim waits until there are a few customers lined up, thus being able to provide the same quality services at affordable prices.

Jim doing lightning rod installation at Chief's stadium
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